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We’re A Happy Family (5)

From left: Larry, Dalton, Tracy, Pruett and Harrison Wells.

North Carolina is home to a small fraction of the Hinojosa family: Tish’s niece Tracy, her husband Larry and their children Pruett, Dalton and Harrison. (There are actually more relatives in the state – Tish’s grandniece Julie and her family -, but unfortunately we didn’t get to visit them on this trip.) Tracy is the daughter of Tish’s sister Lilly, the youngest of the older sisters. Tracy and Larry are both teachers. We loved staying at their cosy home in Fayetteville and trying out a delicious selection of beers with them.

Tish and Tracy, ca. 1970, on Tracy’s parents’ farm in South Dakota (which we will visit at the end of June)


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  1. Tracey Wells

    it was so fun seeing you both and also imbibing a bit–even on a school night!

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