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Blast From The Past

With Dave Magill at the “White Horse” in Black Mountain, North Carolina

Maybe the best thing about our trip is meeting so many great people. There are interesting and friendly persons almost everywhere we go. Some of them are people we both have met before, some are new acquaintances to Tish and me, and some are people whom Tish has known for years, but whom I never got to meet. One person from her past that Tish has mentioned a lot over the years is Dave Magill. Dave is a great guitar player and singer, and he was  Tish’s closest musical partner during her time in Red River, New Mexico, between 1979 and ca. 1982  “Ca.”, because the two can’t quite agree on exactly when their musical cooperation ended. Nor are they sure, when they had seen each other for the last time. Dave thinks it was in 1996. The important thing is that they met again in 2012, in Black Mountain, North Carolina, where Tish played a show at the “White Horse”.

Dave and his wife Cindi live in Webster, which is not far from Black Mountain, so they came over for the show, and of course Dave sat in for a large section of it. It was wonderful to see how the musical and personal understanding materialized immediately after so many years of not playing together.


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