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More Tales From The Windy City

So far I have talked about art and baseball in Chicago, now it’s time for a few words on its architecture, which of course is amazing. While Tish got some rest at our charming hotel in Oak Park (home of Ernest Hemingway), I did a self-guided tour of the architectural highlights of The Loop, as they call their downtown. Most of all I enjoyed seeing the older highrises, like the art deco style Carbide & Carbon Building from 1929 (see picture above), but of course I also had to take the elevator ride up to the skydeck of the Sears Tower – after all it’s still the highest building in the western hemisphere. Technically it’s not the Sears Tower anymore, though. Some stupid company bought the name rights in 2009 (but I won’t do them the favor of mentioning their name). It was fun to look down on 412 meters of nothing between me and the ground.

And then there’s “The Bean” (or “Cloud Gate”, as it is officially called). There seems to a law that every tourist visiting Chicago has to take a picture of his own reflection on the seemless steel exterior of this sculpture by Anish Kapoor. And who are we to disobey the law?

Another thing you can do with The Bean is taking pictures for a quinceañera in front of it:

Finally: the Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park. Does it look familiar to you, even though you have never been to Chicago? That’s probably because you, just like me, watched a lot of episodes of the TV series „Married with Children“ („Eine schrecklich nette Familie“). Check out the first shot of the title sequence!

(Written in Hamburg, Germany, August 4, 2012)


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