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Walk, Don’t Run

The Blue Ridge Mountains are a very beautiful part of the Appalachians, which is famous for its hiking trails. They are not a great place for running, though, as I had to find out. I basically gave up after ten minutes of nothing but steep uphill running, and spent the rest of my time circling a tiny pond (Teich) next to the parking lot. But I went back to the same place later that day and hiked up all the way up to Graybeard Mountain. Since Tish didn’t feel great and stayed at the hotel, I went by myself, and that was about as much company as I was going to have on that trip. It wasn’t before I was on my way down from the summit that I met any people at all. Luckily I didn’t run into a bear either.

The trail itself is of course gorgeous. Here are some impressions:


“Walk Don’t Run” by the Ventures is one of my favorite instrumentals of all times. Regulars at my birthday parties might recognize it as the tune that we play at low volume every time we open the windows to let some fresh air in.


Keep On Running

Time for a little self-praise, if you don’t mind: Since the day I came to Austin, I have been sticking almost perfectly to my schedule of running for at least one hour every other day. Luckily I have been able to find an interesting route for running in almost every place that we went to. I sure got to see a lot of suburbs, and different ones at that: old ones and new ones, gated ones and open ones, normal, fancy and super fancy ones. Highlights included running through the French Quarter and on the Mississippi in New Orleans and on the Gulf Coast in Pass Christian, Mississippi. But the best run so far was one here on Bald Head Island. The nature I saw was so beautiful, I just had to keep on going, and I ended up with running for almost two hours, which I hadn’t done in many years. Even the rain that got me on the last miles couldn’t diminish my pleasure.

The wild life here on the island is great, by the way. There are some mammals (Säugetiere): foxes, deer (Weißwedelhirsche) and of course squirrels (Eichhörnchen), of which there seems to an extreme abundance all over the USA. But what this place is really strong on is birds. We saw all kinds of them, including herons (Reiher), ibises, oystercatchers and sand pipers (Strandläufer) , but the best of them all were the pelicans. I could watch these guys for days, just for their fascinating way of fishing: They dive for fish vertically, again and again. Here’s a little movie that I took from Youtube, because my camera didn’t seem to be good enough for this kind of filming. Hope it gives you an idea of what I’m talking about:


Here’s Tom Jones with his version of “Keep On Running”:

The Running Kind

I promised a few people back in Germany that I would let them know about my running efforts here in the States, so I will include a few words on running from time to time. Now that may not be very interesting to most of you, so in case you couldn’t care less whether, where or how long I run, just skip every post that has the word “run” in it.

Austin is a terrific place for running. Just like Hamburg, it has a big lake right in the middle of town whose banks provide a perfect running territory. Actually the trail around Austin’s Town Lake (or Lady Bird Lake, as it is officially called) is even prettier, greener and more interesting than the Alster round in Hamburg. And there are a lot of other green areas, connected to the Town Lake Trail, that are also great for running. So that’s where I spent quite a lot of time during the last few weeks, keeping up a schedule of running every other day.

Some years ago I took some pictures on one of my runs around Town Lake that may give you an idea of how pretty it is. Those photos were taken in December, so  you can imagine how much nicer it is at this time of year.


Here’s Merle Haggard singing about “The Running Kind”. Not really a song about athletics, but a good one.