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State By State (26+27): Nebraska + South Dakota

We had to undertake a little detour on our way from Iowa City to Wakonda, South Dakota to go through Nebraska. The name of that state just sounded to good to my ears to let that chance go by. Maybe that’s because of the eponymous Springsteen album? (I gave it the first complete listening in years, and it wasn’t that great.)

South Dakota brought me, among other, more pleasant things, my most disturbing encounter with American ultra-conservatism so far. Until then I had only heard about people like that, here I got to meet them in person. Listening to religious talk radio and accidentally being present at an extremely patriotic spectacle (more about that later) added to my impression that South Dakota is one of the most right-wing states in the Union. Nevertheless we had a great time in the “Mount Rushmore State”, as you will see in my next posts.

Since we didn’t manage to take a photo of the state line sign (for the second time after Ohio, and I can’t remember why), here’s a nice and pretty typical road picture instead.