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A German Singer In South Dakota

Looks like somebody got something really wrong in Dell Rapids, South Dakota. What you see above is the internet version of an article in the local newspaper “Argus Leader”, which announced Tish’s concert at the Grand Opera House (unfortunately I didn’t save a copy of the printed version). For some reason, after hearing that Tish now resides in Germany,  the local promoter had decided to combine the show with a German dinner. Naturally the interviewer from the newspaper talked to Tish about that aspect, and then the person writing the headline took it just a little bit further …

Anyway, the German dinner, cooked by chef Horst from Eisleben, East Germany, featured some very good beef rouladen and a tasty Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (black forest cake). Afterwards though, during the concert at the amazingly beautiful theater, nobody seemed to care much about Tishs’s “German side” anymore (although once again our little St. Pauli song was received enthusiastically).


We’re A Happy Family (8)

One of the stops on our trip that I had been looking forward to the most was visiting Tish’s sister Lilly and her husband Orin on their farm in Wakonda, South Dakota. Lilly is the youngest of Tish’s older siblings and one of the nicest persons on earth. Being twelve years older than Tish, she was the designated sister to take care of little Tish, whenever Cuquita (as everybody called Tish’s mom) wasn’t around. When Lilly left the family home in the mid-sixties, first to follow her older sisters to New Jersey, than to go to South Dakota to settle down with Orin on his parents’ farm, Tish was quite heartbroken. In 1970 Tish got to spend her 15th summer on the farm, which is still a very fond and lively memory to her (and the source for a bunch of great photos, like the one below).

By some lucky coincidence, Lilly’s daughter Tracey and her three children (whom you might remember from this post) were visiting the farm the same time that we were there, so we had a lot of fun hanging out with the extended Abild family (that’s Lilly’s and Orin’s last name). I’ll show you a few more pics of that and of the farm in my next post.

Tish, her sister Lilly and Lilly’s daughter Tracey in 1970 …

… and in 2012

The only persons missing were Tracey’s husband Larry and her brother Dean, who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. And that’s where we met him a few weeks later:

State By State (23): Wisconsin

Time for some political talk again: Some weeks after the sad turnout of the referendum on gay marriage that we had to witness in North Carolina, we happened to be in Wisconsin, when that beautiful state was the site of yet another depressing vote that attracted strong national attention. What had happened was that some scary republican governor, who goes by the name of Scott Walker (which of course in itself is an offense to the real Scott Walker) had been trying, among other things, to deprive the public workers in Wisconsin of their right to collective bargaining (Tarifverhandlungen, more or less). This caused a stream of protest, which lasted thoughout the year 2011 and eventually lead to Walker having to face a recall election (Referendum über den Verbleib im Amt). But instead of taking advantage of this comfortable opportunity to get rid of this creep, the Wisconsinites confirmed him in office, making him the first governor to politically survive a recall election. Another chance for a positive political signal in these dreary days gone by.

Apart from that disappointment, our short time in Wisconsin (home of squeaky cheese and the great Marvin Dykhuis!) was great. Tish’s show in the little town of Fort Atkinson, where our new friend Bill Camplin does a great job at running the “Cafe Carp”, gave me the chance to meet the wonderful writer Bill C. Malone in person, author of what is probably the best book on country music ever written (“Country Music USA”) and of many other titles (check out his latest one on folk musician Mike Seeger).

With Bill C. Malone and his wife Barbara in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

The concert at the festival theater in St. Croix Falls was easily one of the most enjoyables on the tour: great audience, beautiful theater and Tish in excellent shape. And the stage there was definitely the biggest one that I had been singing on so far.


Here’s Scott Walker with his phantastic version of Jacques Brel’s “Jackie”:

(Written in Hamburg, Germany, August 4, 2012)

Das Herz von St. Pauli

I promised you a while ago that I would write more about a new element that Tish has integrated into her shows, so now I’m pleased and honored to be able to tell you that this new element actually includes my participation. Ever since Tish’s show in Columbus, Mississippi, we have been performing a duet of the German song „Das Herz von St. Pauli“ on stage. For some reason, audiences everywhere just seem to love it, sometimes to an extent that seems a little exaggerated.

For those of you who are not from Hamburg: The song „Das Herz von St. Pauli“ („The Heart of St. Pauli“) talks about the neighborhood that Tish and I live in. It’s a very colorful part of town, characterized by the nearness of the harbor and the huge river Elbe, with hundreds of bars and clubs, many of which are open 24 hours a day. St. Pauli also hosts Hamburg’s red light district, and on top of it all it’s the place where the Beatles used to live and work for long periods during the years 1960-1962, before they became famous. „Das Herz von St. Pauli“ has been made popular by the Hamburg-born singer Hans Albers in the 1950s. Nowadays a lot of people identify it with our local soccer club, the FC St. Pauli, because the song gets played at the stadium before every game. Tish and I added a verse in English, which talks about a few of the things I just mentioned.

This video recording was taped at a house concert in Westerville, Ohio. Nancy Tomei and Roy Stein were the perfect hosts and made sure that Tish’s concert in their beautiful garden was one of the most enjoyable events on our tour. It wasn’t our best performance of “Das Herz von St. Pauli”, though, we definitely had it worked out much better by the end of the tour, but this is the only decent video recording, so you’ll have to put up with some flaws. I hope you will enjoy our little number anyway.

(Written in Hamburg, Germany, July 31, 2012)

New York City Hotels, Part 2

From Brighton Beach we headed for Manhattan’s Lower East Side, where Tish’s second NYC concert was going to take place. Once again we stayed at quite a remarkable hotel, only this time is wasn’t exactly cheap. Our room on the ninth floor of the „Thompson Hotel“ on Allen Street was quite swankily designed and had the most incredible view of Downtown, with the window reaching all the way down to the floor.

Tish liked the room so much, she decided to stay for another day – not the best thing possible to happen to our budget, especially since unfortunately Tish’s show at the “Rockwood City Music Hall” had a rather disappointing turnout -, but it gave me the possibility to explore the neighborhood in detail – and to try my first canoli in Little Italy. As often as I eat Italian food, I had never had this desert before, that they mention so often on the “Sopranos”. Seems to be more an Italian-American than an Italian thing. But whatever – it tasted great!

(Written in Austin, TX, July 27, 2012)

We’re A Happy Family (7)

Top row, from left: Andreas, Kevin, Matthew, Cole, Sheila, Frank Jr., Kevin Jr., Frank, Sean. Middle row: Ally, Mary, Yvonne, Elizabeth. Bottom row: Paul, Kayla, Tish, Alice, Betty.

Memorial Day Weekend in New Jersey. Since that Sunday also saw the First Communion of their youngest son Cole, Tish’s niece Sheila and her husband Kevin invited us to a party which turned into quite a family reunion. Almost the whole Northeastern section of the family was present, which gives me a chance to tell you a little more about them.

You have already met Tish’s sisters Alice and Betty. Now Alice has three daughters, of which Sheila is the youngest. Then there’s Mary and Yvonne. Betty has a son, Frank, and a daughter, Elizabeth. All five of them have families of their own, and I am very happy to say that by now I know each member of the New Jersey branch of the Hinojosas (save for one grandniece who lives in North Carolina) and that I remember all their names (see the picture above).

The party at Sheila’s house was a lot of fun, especially for me, since towards the end I got really drunk (for the first and so far only time on this trip, by the way). Here’s a picture with our lovely host Sheila:

The next day, which was one the hottest Memorial Days in New Jersey history, with temperatures near 90 degrees (32 Grad Celsius), we had a great time hanging out and relaxing with Sheila’s family. My personal highlight was getting to ride Kevin’s lawn mover (Rasenmäher) and eventually mowing the whole lawn on their huge property.

(Written in Tigard, Oregon, July 14, 2012)

Woody Sez: Tish Rocks!

By some great coincidence, Tish and I got a chance to see a performance of “Woody Sez” at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts (just outside of Boston). It’s a play about the life of folk legend Woody Guthrie, who would have had his 100th birthday this year. Scenes from Woody’s life and of course a bunch of his songs are performed by four fantastic musicians. One of them is Darcie Deaville, a fabulous singer and multi-instrumentalist from Austin, who has occasionally played with Tish over the years (as can be seen here, unfortunately in lousy quality). It was Darcie, who invited us over to see the play, and she also suggested that Tish sing a few songs at a hootenanny that took place on the grounds of nearby Harvard University after the theater performance. So in honour of Woody Guthrie Tish and the “Woody Sez” cast gave renditions of “Something In The Rain” and “De Colores”.

Tish with the cast of “Woody Sez” at a hootenanny at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA

Having thus made friends with the “Woody Sez” musicians, Tish invited them to come to her show at “Club Passim” in Cambridge the next evening. And so it happened that in the second set of her show Tish was accompanied by two musicians, for the first time on this tour. Darcie and her “Woody Sez” colleague Andy Terstein both continously switched between instruments and thus made sure that the audience got to hear some great and very unique versions of Tish’s songs. I hold every bet that this was the first time ever that “Destiny’s Gate” was played on a violin and a viola (Bratsche). For the encore, the rest of the “Woody Sez” cast came on stage, and everybody joined in for two Woody Guthrie songs. What a wonderful evening!

Tish joined on stage at “Club Passim” in Cambridge, Massachusetts by Andy Terstein and Darcie Deaville

Check out the performance schedule for “Woody Sez” and go see the play, if you can. Over the next days (between July 7 and 10), there will be a few performances in Germany (in Rudolstadt and Munich), than later this year they will be in Glen Falls, NY, Chicago and Washington D. C.

(Written in Fort Collins, Colorado, July 6, 2012)